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The Real Estate Survival Guide isn't just a resource; it's a haven for realtors seeking a sense of camaraderie in the often challenging world of real estate. Our mission is to forge an environment that feels like home, where real estate professionals can find unwavering support and inspiration. Through our array of tools, guidance, and tight-knit community, we realize this vision by providing a robust platform that transforms aspiring agents into a closely-knit family. Here, within the Real Estate Survival Guide, you'll discover a network and support system that goes beyond expectations, offering a sense of belonging that empowers realtors to achieve greatness they never deemed possible. 

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Meet the Founder:

John Schuchman

In a mere year, I managed to triple my income, transforming my venture into a lucrative six-figure real estate empire. How did I accomplish this remarkable feat? By challenging the conventional norms of lead generation and marketing tactics. Instead of resorting to traditional, often intrusive methods, I took a refreshing approach that emphasized authenticity and empathy.


Meet the Survival Team


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My Story


Unlike my counterparts, I refused to invest a dime in advertising or purchasing leads. I realized that I didn't want to subject myself to the very tactics that I disliked. This revelation propelled me to explore alternative avenues, ultimately proving that one could become an exceptional realtor without draining their bank account.

My secret to success lay in harnessing the power of my network and sphere of influence. By cultivating genuine relationships and leveraging the potential of social media, I transformed my business into a thriving enterprise. Gone were the days of mindlessly throwing money at leads, cold calling, or incessantly door knocking. I embraced a different approach, one that prioritized building connections and organically engaging with potential clients.

Since achieving my remarkable triumph, I have dedicated myself to assisting hundreds of realtors in achieving their own levels of success. Through my expertise in social media utilization and network leverage, I have become a trusted mentor and coach, guiding aspiring professionals towards greatness. As the host of the highly acclaimed Real Estate Survival Guide podcast, I impart invaluable wisdom, aiding thousands of realtors each month in attaining success without the burden of exorbitant expenses.

Through my membership programs, mastermind sessions, coaching sessions, and podcast, I joyfully serve a vast community of realtors, empowering them to break free from frustration and embrace the liberating path to prosperity.

But my inspiring story extends beyond my professional accomplishments. I share my life with my incredible wife, Valerie, with whom I have shared seven years of matrimonial bliss. Together, we have been blessed with two delightful children who fill our lives with immeasurable joy. Kaiden, our eldest, is an energetic force, nearly four years old, while Liliana, our adorable daughter, radiates charm at two and a half. Despite the whirlwind of managing a thriving business alongside the demands of parenthood, I relish the opportunity to connect with realtors every week, guiding them on their transformational journey from frustration to freedom and ultimate success in the real estate industry.

Embrace the inspiring wisdom and expertise I offer and witness the transformative power I can bring to your real estate business.


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